Talent Acquisition done right!

Achieve rewarding and engaging candidate experience with Raiser’s Talent Acquisition module. Get the boost you need to win the right talent for your business with software that will give you the tool arsenal to successfully complete your recruitment cycle.


Applicant Tracking System

With Raiser, all applicant information is up to date and readily accessible to you throughout the recruiting process.


Requisition Management

Raiser gives you the complete details on each requisition from creation to approval. Review and easily assign requisitions to staff whose approval is mandatory. That staff will then receive notifications and be sent reminders by Raiser.



Jumpstart your new team members’ integration into your organization with our comprehensive Onboarding feature, which provides your new hire with a portal of valuable resources, and getting them ready from day one with effortless accounts and access setup.

That’s not all!

Automated Reviews

Set your own review criteria and easily collect feedback on applicants from your interview panel.


Define key competencies to keep track of in your interview process.

Communication simplified

After filtering candidates, confirm interviews and send all relevant information to involved parties through automated notifications.

Ready to raise the bar?