Scale new heights with Raiser.

Transform your people management processes with data-driven feedback and verified performance data.


Centralized Data Management

Get all you need in one place with Raiser’s Centralized Data Management. This means no more employee data disseminated across various folders – Raiser keeps all employee information in a central location to give you access when you need it.


Employee Lifecycle Management

Raiser gives you the tools you need to support the entire hire-to-retire employee experience at your company. Optimize the progress employees make in your organization from recruitment to offboarding.


Employee Document Management

Avoid administrative overload with Raiser’s Employee Document Management. All pertinent staff documents can be easily filed, filtered, found, and readily available at your fingertips.

That’s not all!

Automated alerts and workflows

Be more efficient with our prompt reminders and time-saving workflows.

Communication simplified

Easily select document templates and choose addressees for automated correspondence.

Legislative Compliance

Stay on top of legislative requirements by storing key documents, capturing health and safety incidents, and recording disciplinary activities.

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