Take your
to the next level


Raise your people to a new high.

Raiser uses the latest digital trends of cloud, data analytics, and mobility to help you strengthen, engage, and transform your workforce for the future.

  • Track time attendance
  • Centralize data
  • Store documents online
  • Set role-based access permissions
  • Get instant mobile access
  • Schedule interviews faster
  • Access reports and analytics
  • Be at peace, knowing you’re covered by our flexible support options
  • Easily integrate with other systems
  • Enjoy multi-tenant, multi-currency, multi-branch capabilities
  • Expedite recurring tasks through automation
  • Increase employee engagement through self-service options
  • Create your own custom workflows
  • Make payroll a breeze

Put your people first.

Elevate your people management capabilities with Raiser. With our centralized data and document management system, your HR team will have a convenient solution to take care of all your employee needs.

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Leave no room for busywork.

Ensure smooth sailing with Raiser’s simple yet comprehensive Leave Management module. Design your own leave policies and configure your own leave times to streamline all leave management processes.

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Help your people help themselves.

Engage your employees and enable them to be in charge of their personal information by accessing their own information, log time, apply for leave, and other actions with Raiser’s Employee Self-Service. This, in turn, will help your company be more efficient and save labor hours.

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Recruit to retain.

Improve your odds of winning the talent war. Raiser’s Talent Acquisition module will help you recruit, hire, and onboard the best talent in this highly competitive landscape by seamlessly guiding you through the entire recruiting process.

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Take Raiser wherever the day takes you.

Never miss a key date or a good hire again with Raiser Mobile.
Thanks to our intuitive role-based dashboards, you’ll always be on top of communication, scheduling, and staff management.

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What else can Raiser do for you?

Elevate your people and engagement

Raiser puts your employees in the driver’s seat by enabling self-service options and making it simple for them to enjoy autonomy and reach their full potential.

Raise your bottom line

Raiser will optimize your productivity through streamlined workflows and automation, freeing you up to focus more on strategy and organizational culture.

Grant more autonomy

Customize your own role-based access permissions and set each employee on a self- directed path to growth and progression.

Stop worrying about data security

Your data security is our utmost priority. We take extra measures and configure our servers to ensure an exceptional level of reliability.

Create a collaborative interview process

Design your own review system and collect feedback from your team of interviewers all from our intuitive dashboards that facilitate visibility and control.

Achieve the ultimate hiring experience

Raiser takes the hassle out of the hiring process and offers a pleasantly simple way to make job postings, reach more qualified candidates, and keep track of applicant information.

Let Raiser Power-up Your Workforce